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Note: I've decided to do a 4th printing of the book and it's in stock. 

 I finally wrote a book on harness handicapping, TROTPICKS: Modern Harness Handicapping Methods. Eleven people have left reviews of it on (one for the digital version) and all the reviews are top-rated 5 star reviews. The book is 126 pages long and is a paperback book that is 8 1/2 x 11. 

 In the book I give you step-by-step methods to win consistently betting on harness racing. The problem with most handicapping books, they give you a lot of information but after you've finished reading the book you have more "stuff" but not a precise method of winning. My book is not like that. I show you exactly what to do to win. 

Below is a letter I received from a customer on March 24, 2015: 

Good Evening Bob,

I hope you will find this message positive and entertaining, On Sunday March 15, I took another beating at the thoroughbreds, this time to the tune of about $400. I vowed, like so many times in the past, to be done..."I ain't good enough, I can't beat the game, 20+ years and I haven't joined the 2% yet, it's $2 to show on Russell Baze and all the coffee I can drink from now on". Once at home, I looked over that day's DRF and was satisfied that I had made good choices--obviously not good enough, AGAIN!

 Feeling disgusted for wasting a criminal amount of my lifetime betting on animals running counter-clockswise, I noticed Ainslie's book on Harness racing sitting near a pile of old articles, losing systems, and useless statistics. I remembered using his pace procedure years ago and breaking almost even, it usually selected the fav or 2nd.

I glanced thru the book for about 10 mins, I shrugged, and decided to Google information about Harness racing. At first I found nothing of any real value, but your book TROTPICKS kept getting mentioned. After reading a lot of good reviews, (some lady even did a video), I ordered it. Well, Amazon said 20 days to delivery, I received it in 4...thank you. I read the book up to page 26, where it ended with the use of BRT 2 method, that was on Saturday Mar 21, I didn't go to the simulcast that day, what for, "to be a habitual loser", just wash the car. I live in CA and saw that Cal Expo was racing on Sunday night, I pulled out some old nightime racing forms and decided to handicap a few races, hmph, couple winners, hmph nice prices. Well, Sunday came and I'm off to the track, Cal Expo, first race, Juntique, M/L 8-1, $20 to win, paid $41.00. I shoulda read Chapter 9 about picking my spots, I gave back about 1/2 the profit, but I'm a Pandycapper now. I just wanted to say THANK YOU. !!!! 

Thanks a bunch for the book and ..hope my little story helps make your day. I will leave positive feedback on Amazon. Please let me know if you have anything on thoroughbreds, I'm turning my attention to harness racing now. I know I'll never quit my day job, but it's fun to have a fighting chance when you go out to the races, and with your book I feel this way, I won't always win, but I should have the occasionally good night like this past Sunday, 3 Cheers!



To purchase TROTPICKS: Modern Harness Handicapping,  click on the Buy Now link below. The book ships by First Class Mail. 


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