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Harness Diamond System Printouts (recent winners) and explanations  

Northfield, February 20, 2017

This was a really good night at Northfield. It started with a $10.40 top winner in the first race, but then really got interesting as the Diamond System picked the $54 winner of the second race for a COLD $199.80 Double, but then it had the exacta, trifecta, and superfecta cold. The Superfecta paid $770.20 for a twenty cent bet! Then in the 7th race on the same night, The Diamond Sytem picked the $72.40 winner on top and the top three choices combined for huge exacta and trifectas. 



Northfield, April 24, 2017

This printout was using option L, which is my personal favorite. It ranks each horse's last three races. Here it picked a cold $1,146 exacta at Northfied Park. 

Monticello, Thursday, September 26, 2013

Below is a printout from Monticello, just the top four exactly the way they were ranked. On the say day the system picked several top winners including a $26 winner, but this race was one of the best Diamond System picks I've ever seen. It picked the winner, the exacta, the trifecta, and the superfecta, all COLD and the prices were amazing. The winner paid $215.00, exacta paid $1321.00, the trifecta paid $3,453.00, the superfecta paid $36,994.00.

Race: 12 Win Place Show
1st 8 Motown Railing 215.00 47.00 15.00
2nd 6 Rose Run Leroy 3.90 2.90
3rd 1 Konchie 3.90
4th 3 Batu Khan
$2 Exacta 8-6 1321.00
$2 Trifecta 8-6-1 3453.00
$2 Superfecta 8-6-1-3 36994.00
Refunds: None


Monticello, Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Below you see a printout from Monticello. This was exactly the best type of play that I tell my customers to look for, namely, a top rated horse that has a superior rating but is going off at a price. Bay Street had a Diamond Final of 191, which was 7.5 points better than anyone in the race. 5 points is a good advantage, anything more is a strong advantage. 

The way the Diamond Ratings work, the lower the better. So the first rating, Diamond Pace, is speed to the three quarters, the middle rating, Diamond Speed, is a combination of final time and final quarter. Diamond Final is the Diamond Rating and it's an average of the first two. Then you go to RP PACE, which is my speed figure adjusted for early speed. With RP PACE and RP SPEED, the higher the better. Note that Bay Street had the best RP SPEED and RP PACE but he was also consistent. If you look down you can see that his other RP SPEED was 52, still one of the highest in the race. So he ran similar races in his last two starts, which is always a good sign. Consistency is something to look for. This was a nice overlay on a horse with a big 7 point edge. 

Race: 7 Win Place Show
1st 6 Bay Street 32.40 9.10 4.90
2nd 1 Star Power 3.60 2.50
3rd 5 Coastal Highway 2.20
4th 2 Raps a Million
$2 Exacta 6-1 115.00
$2 Trifecta 6-1-5 340.00
$2 Superfecta 6-1-5-2 523.00

In the race below we have a $25.60 top winner at The Meadows on the same day, Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012. Again we see that Craig Michael had consistent ratings. He ran an RP SPEED of 56, the highest in the race, but in his next start he ran an RP SPEED of 55. His Diamond Rating of 162.5 was almost a 2 point advantage. You can see that the reason why Craig Michael is top rated is because of his Diamond Pace. The Diamond System is a pace balanced rating system. It takes a horses three quarter speed (Diamond Pace) and averages it with the horses final time and final quarter to get a balanced rating. Diamond Kick (lower the better) is closing power for the final half. RP PFR is also closing power, the higher the better. I'll explain this later on. 


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