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to view more Harness Diamond System printouts, with explanations, click on the link below www.handicappingwinners.com/harness_systems.htm 

The Diamond System is a computer handicapping system that we created in 1996. We turned it into a computer handicapping method a few years later.  It is essentially a "pace balanced" system that gives the user several ratings including The Diamond Rating. The Diamond Rating takes a horses early speed, late speed, and final time and balances it out into one number. The strength of the system is it's amazing ability to pick longshot winners, right on top. The reason why it can pick so many overlay and longshot winners is that it balances the pace of the race. For instance, say a horse goes fast early but loses by 10 lengths. Using traditional Speed Figures, this horse will look like it declined, and speed handicappers will dismiss it because they are looking at the final time figure. But, depending on the pace of the race, the Diamond System may reward this horse for its early energy expenditure and rank it right on top.

But it doesn't just balance early pace. Horses that run fast late are also rewarded. The way the Diamond Rating is calculated, early speed takes preference over late speed, but both are in the calculations. 

Below is the printout from Yonkers, Monday, May 7, 2012, race 1. I used option L, which gives you 3 ratings for each horse. To save website space I cut off the bottom part of the printout, but you can see that the system picked the winner Butn Your Shirt Ed on top with a nice 11 point advantage. The horse paid $43.20 to win. Then in the 2nd race on the same card, the Diamond System also picked the winner and the COLD $303.00 Daily Double. Note that in the 2nd race, the winner Travelin Preacher, was a "Double Diamond," meaning that it was ranked on top twice, a strong indicator. The Windsurfer was scratched in the 2nd so the $321.00 trifecta could have been hit with a key trifecta play for $12.00. 

Race: 1 Win Place Show
1st 4 Butn Your Shirt Ed 43.20 14.40 10.60
2nd 6 Snacker Backer 23.40 12.80
3rd 2 Victory Spirit N 10.80
$2 Exacta 4-6 543.00
$2 Trifecta 4-6-2 2148.00

Race: 2 Win Place Show
1st 1 Travelin Preacher 12.20 6.00 3.50
2nd 6 Haste 5.70 3.90
3rd 7 Apeachtoremember 3.50
$2 D/Double 4/1 303.00
$2 Exacta 1-6 66.00
$2 Trifecta 1-6-7 321.00
Refunds: 4

Below is a printout from Monticello Raceway, May 1, 2012. Here the winner Joans Bad boy was a "Double Diamond" on option L and paid a whopping $56.00. The Diamond System correctly picked the COLD $324.00 Exacta and the monster $1290.00 trifecta. 

Below you see a recent (Sept 19, 2011) printout from the first race at Monticello. The Diamond System picked the race 5-8-6. The 8 won and paid $185.50 and the top two picks completed a monstrous $447.00 exacta. The top 3 picks had the $12,646 trifecta. A customer of mine who used the system had the trifecta and took down the entire pool. 

Race: 1 Win Place Show
1st 8 Road Work Ahead 185.50 23.20 10.60
2nd 5 Community Spirit 2.40 2.20
3rd 6 Barbara D 6.30
4th 2 Jmdancingshannon
$2 Exacta 8-5 447.00
$2 Trifecta 8-5-6 12646.00
$2 Superfecta 8-5-6-2 13386.00
Refunds: None


The system can be run several ways. You can pick your own paceline, or you have several automatic paceline options. The printout below shows races 1 and 2 at Monticello on October 23. This was automatic paceline option L, which gives you each horse's last 3 ratings and ranks them from the best (lowest) down. Here the system crushed the first two races picking a cold $180.50 Daily Double, a cold $166 trifecta, and it had the cold $35.40 and $55 exactas in both races. 


The Diamond System for Harness Racing works with Trackmaster exe pp files (www.trackmaster.com). It comes with the system on a cd, plus a booklet (shown below) with operating instructions, and a bonus booklet, Money Angles and Methods The Thinking Man's Guide to Money Management for the Harness Diamond System.

To order the Harness Diamond System V. 20.1.5 click on the Buy Now button below. The system is $119.97 includes free shipping and two booklets. 

  HARNESS DIAMOND SYSTEM with 2 Booklets including Money Angles & Methods $119.97 (free shipping). 
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